Rick Cattran

Managing Member

Rick founded LWS in 1999. With over 30 years of industry experience, read how the company became established by visiting the about page.

  • rcattran@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375


James Weaver


James joined LWS in 2015 after earning his BA in Accounting from Capital University (2013). He manages the company’s accounting department and finances while also overseeing office operations.

  • jweaver@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375


Steve Clay

Operations Manager

Steve has been with LWS since 2002. He leads the company’s daily operations with nearly 30 years of industry experience.

  • sclay@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 113


Brian pence

Business Development Manager - West

(Left) Brian has been with LWS since 2005. Over the years he’s helped expand the companies commercial and industrial services to thousands of customers.

  • bpence@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 111

  • m. 614-774-8793

mark mowery

Business Development Manager - East

(Right) Mark has been with LWS since 2010. He has also provided commercial and industrial services to thousands of customers in Central Ohio.

  • mmowery@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 108

  • m. 614-581-3115


nicole rogue

Customer Service Manager

Nicole joined LWS in 2013. She leads the friendly customer service team and related staff in providing the highest quality of support.

  • nrogue@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 119


chase cattran

Route Manager

Chase joined LWS in 2015. He helps oversee operations and supervises the residential team during collection in your communities.

  • chasecattran@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 134


ryan jensen

Dispatch Supervisor

Ryan joined LWS in 2013 after earning his BS from Ohio University. He leads his team in organizing daily services proper and efficiently.

  • rjensen@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 106


Kevin devall

Maintenance Manager

Kevin joined LWS in 2014. His team of mechanics keep a fleet of 75 vehicles operating safely during heavy productivity.

  • kdevall@localwasteservices.com

  • o. 614-409-9375 ext. 138



Offering 35, 65 and 95 gallon carts for solid waste, recycling and yard waste. 18 gallon recycling bins also available.



Offering 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard front-load containers for solid waste, cardboard and co-mingle recycling materials.



Offering 20 and 30 yard compactor and open-top containers for solid waste, cardboard and construction materials.